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::Aug 23 & 24, 2016 - 7th Annual Michigan Paranormal Convention - SSM, MI  

::October 22, 2016 - Historic Howell Theater Ghost Hunt - Howell, MI

::October 29, 2016 - The Straight Farmhouse: Seance - Garden City, MI 

::November 12, 2016 - Old Mill Parafest - Dundee, MI  



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Downriver Paranormal Investigators, is a Michigan Paranormal non-profit organization created to explore the presence of paranormal activity; while helping others find answers to the unknown. Located in Southeast Michigan, the Downriver Paranormal team will bring a professional courtesy to help others who may or may not have paranormal activity.  DPI will always bring an open mind and will listen to all claims.
 All of DPI investigations are 100% FREE OF CHARGE.* 

If you feel like you need help, and would like your place to be investigated by a professional and courteous Michigan Paranormal Team, feel free to send DPI an email to help@downriverparanormal.com.  Tell us your problems and why you would like DPI to investigate. We will look over every email and respond to the requests in a timely manner. DPI investigations will be conducted professionally and thoroughly in order to provide help for our clients.




The Upper Peninsula Paranormal Research Society

Metro Paranormal Investigation

Beyond Ghosts

Beyond Ghosts

Beyond Ghosts

The Chris and Wayne Show, The Haunted Ship of Doom



*All of DPI investigations & evidence are kept confidential (unless released by the client).
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